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Best Cement Based Waterproofing Coatings, Restoration Products And Maintenance Products

Water is not only a precious commodity but also a very destructive force and the cause of many problems in the building industry.

Whether it is a problem to retain water or to protect against water damage SWPPL has an extensive range of cement based products and the expertise to provide solutions to difficult problems.

It is VITAL to not only recognize the problem but to properly diagnose and have the suitable products to provide the solution. SWPPL based on years of experience and being able to draw on a multitude of technically superior materials can provide cost effective solutions to all waterproofing problems.

SWPPL provide the largest Range of technically superior DRIZORO cementicious waterproofing products in the market place.

SWPPL will always provide the right solution to any problem.

Manufactured to a high standard DRIZORO Products supplied by SWPPL will provide longer protection and are more cost effective than most others.

Scientific Waterproofing products provide the best waterproof cement in Australia. We are known for our commitment to quality and for providing the best products to our valued customers. Using waterproof cement is vital when building a new house, as it not only strengthens and waterproofs the walls and concrete roofs but also prevents them from leaks and foundational decay.

Even the smallest leak in a water tank or trough can cause huge losses and reduction in the levels of water capacity for the tank. It is therefore important that when it does rain not a single drop is lost due to leaking storage tanks and troughs. Water-proof cement will solve any leaks and will protect your valuables from any sort of water damage.

Concrete water tanks can be repaired and sealed easily from either the inside or outside surface using the Drizoro Maxseal Flex range of products. Scientific Waterproofing products offers you some of the best concrete water sealers available which will meet all your requirements and solve the problem of water leakage. Our Drizoro products are unique in that they are cement based and have been specifically designed for waterproofing wet concrete, masonry, surfaces, permanent formwork surfaces.

Our exclusive range includes the best waterproofing which will be the optimum solution for all your waterproofing problems. Drizoro is made with some of the best quality raw materials and are manufactured in compliance with Australian and World Standards.

We offer:

  • Commitment to Quality
  • Extensive Experience
  • Constant Endeavor to Bring Latest Products
  • Wide Range of Water-Proofing Cement and Sealers
  • Customer Friendly Approach
  • In-depth knowledge of the industry
  • 10 year Product Warranty

Drizoro products are the best in the market. They are drinking water safe and have been approved for use with potable water ASNZ4020

However, the uses for Drizoro products extend beyond water tanks. They are used to repair and seal dams, water reservoirs, animals feeding troughs. Repairing damaged cement flooring, waterproofing swimming pools – fishponds – water troughs, roof decks, balconies, sealing expansion joints, repairing concrete cancer, waterproofing any other masonry, block, Hebel, fibro board surface, against negative or positive pressure. They are considered to be the best Waterproofing products Worldwide.

Used, Drizoro products, extensively by councils and government departments across all of Australia to seal and repair infrastructure.

We offer technical support via a national hotline.

1300 303 301

Browse through our entire range of water-proofing cement, concrete sealers, waterproofing membranes and call us at Scientific Waterproofing Products on 1300 303 301 for information about Technical Product Information or Product usage.


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