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Cement based waterproof coating

EASY BOND – Key Coat Bonding Bridge for Permanent Formwork


EASY BOND is a one-component cement-based mortar. Once mixed only with water, it provides a high-performance flexible key coat bonding bridge for application to NON-POROUS substrates.


To provide a cementitious key coat bonding bridge on Permanent Formwork i.e. DINCEL, REDIWALL as well as non-porous surfaces such as (powder coated) metal, shipping containers or PVC. Excellent base for the application of renders, paints, tiles and Stonework.

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    Provides a base coating suitable for substrates subject to

    1. Thermal movement.
    2. Environmentally friendly and suitable for application in poorly ventilated areas.
    3. Acts as an anti-fracture membrane between the substrate and other finishing coats
    4. Does not require primer, scuffing or sandblasting.
    5. Up to 15 years life expectancy (depending on application area and usage)


    Dincel structural wall waterproofing
    Easy Bond on Dincel

    Surface preparation

    The surface to be coated must be sound, clean, and free of all traces of paint, dust, grease, efflorescence, loose particles, gypsum, plaster and mould release compounds. Holes, voids, honeycombs and cracks, once opened to a minimum 2 cm in Drizoro Maxrest ®
    Exposed steel bars must be cleaned and patched with Drizoro Maxrest ® (Technical Bulletin no. 4) with 1 cm. minimum thickness.

    If steel bar is corroded, treat with the oxide converter Drizoro Maxrest Passive (Technical Bulletin no.12). Thoroughly wash down and saturate the substrate with plenty of water. Remove all free-standing water before application of Maxrest.
    Apply EASY BOND by Texture or foam roller or broom Spreading a homogeneous and continuous coating of 1 mm approximately. Once applied, do not overwork the surface and do not apply as if it was painted.

    Allow a drying time of minimum 3 days.

    For large areas EASY BOND can also be sprayed, When sprayed, comb the fresh Coat with a broom to make sure that the whole surface is covered homogeneously.

    On fissures, concrete joints, corners and cracks, once repaired, apply the first coat of EASY BOND at 1,0kg/m2 and while it is still fresh, place Drizoro MaxMesh either 50 mm or 200 mm width


    A 20 kg bag of EASY BOND requires from 6 – 6.3 litres of water (20 ± 2 %), depending on application temperature and substrate conditions. Pour the required amount of water in a clean container, slowly add EASY BOND mixing by a slow speed electric drill (400-600 rpm) fitted with a disc mixer for about 2-3 minutes until achieving a lump-free and homogeneous mix.

    Allow the mixture to rest for 2 to 3 minutes to fully wet out all the powder, and then remix briefly before applying. To keep the workability of the fresh mortar, remix again briefly, but do not add more water. Do not mix product that cannot be applied within 20 – 30 minutes.


    Curing time for putting into service is 3 days, at 20ºC and 50% R.H


    All tools must be cleaned with water after use. Once it cures can only be removed by mechanical methods.


    EASY BOND is supplied in 20 Kg bags, available in grey.


    Twelve months in its original unopened packaging, in a dry and covered place protected from humidity, frost and direct sunlight, at temperatures above 5 ºC.


    Do not add cement, admixtures, sand or any other compound.
    In case of doubt related to the kind of water to be in contact with EASY BOND or other uses not specified on this Technical Bulletin, consult Technical Department.


    We do NOT recommend the use of EASY BOND over ZINC or ZINC coated surfaces, treat these surfaces using Maxrest Passive as per TDS prior to coating.


    EASY BOND is an abrasive compound so protective rubber gloves and goggles must be used during application. In case of eye contact, rinse thoroughly with clean water, but do not rub. In case of skin contact, wash affected areas with soap and water. If irritation continues, seek medical attention.

    Special Caution:

    When applying single heavy or large cladding ensure the correct adhesive is used. Apply adhesive to the entire surface, do not spot apply. Limit single weight to 20 Kg. If an item/m² exceeds this, also use fixing anchors.


    Easy bond - key coat data

    AFS rediwall - PVC based walling System







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