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Concrete Repair Mortars


Scientific Waterproofing Products offers a unique approach to all kinds of waterproofing solutions and we are among the leading concrete repair specialists in Australia. We provide some of the best and most effective concrete repair solutions. We continually strive to bring products that are superior in quality and we are fully compliant with all Australian Standards. You can contact us to prevent your concrete from damage and to increase its durability. Our team of concrete repair specialists can provide innovative solutions to waterproofing and concrete proofing applications. We make sure to understand our clients’ needs and problems and then we provide the best suitable concrete block mortar joint repair.

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    Drizoro Concrete Repair Mortars

    • Maxrest – Structural Restoration
    • Maxrite700 – Fibre Reinforced, Waterproof, Structural Repair Mortar
    • MAXGROUT – non-shrink mortar formulated from special cements and well-graded mineral products which provides high mechanical properties and fluidity. Contains no chlorides or metal particles
    • WATMAT – Quick Setting Mortar For Levelling Manhole Covers And For Repairs For Immediate Use.
    • Maxroad – fast setting patching material that develops high compressive strength. and allows traffic bearing patches to be put back in service 1 hour after repair completed.
    • MAXREST®PASSIVE – a ready to use liquid with an oxide converter and protection of re-enforcing bars and other steel and iron surfaces against corrosion.

    Our long association of the industry and our expertise in this field makes us the best concrete repair specialists. We provide optimum concrete leak repair solutions at the most competitive prices. At Scientific Waterproofing Products, our focus is to provide the best possible solutions to solve all your problems. Our advanced concrete water leak repair products are sure to repair and strengthen your concrete flawlessly in no time. Our team of experts offers you the best concrete water leak repair services in Australia.

    Scientific Waterproofing products not only believe in fixing, repairing and increasing the longevity of concrete. But we go the extra mile by providing the best alternatives that are sure to make it more attractive. Protect your concrete floor seamlessly with our wide range of concrete water leak repair products.

    We are the experts when it comes to preventing concrete from micro corrosion. We also propose several coating options to increase the durability of your concrete. We are dedicated to improving the aesthetic look of your concrete with our suitable solutions.

    Our services include:

    • Waterproofing Patios, Roof Decks
    • Waterproofing Swimming Pools, Water Tanks.
    • Sealing cracks in Sidewalks, Driveways
    • Preventing water entry on exteriors and façades

    Scientific Waterproofing Products, Australia’s leading concrete repair specialists, brings you the most advanced and highly functional waterproofing, cement sealing solutions available. Connect with our expert team now!







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