Maxplug Quick-Set Hydraulic Mortar

Drizoro Maxplug


MAXPLUG is a quick setting cement-based Hydraulically Expanding Mortar  that instantly stops running water from cracks, holes or other openings in concrete, masonry, and other substrates. It is slightly expansive and does not shrink, starts hardening in a few seconds and sets within three to five minutes depending on the temperature. Packed in grey powder form, it only requires water for mixing.

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    Sealing leak s instantly in concrete surfaces, solid masonry and other sound supports.For emergency repairs on water pipes. For broken pipes, MAXPLUG will even work when the pipes are under pressure.Emergency plugging of gas leaks.In connections sealing between slab and walls giving a shoulder ending, as well as in cold
    concrete joints.
    Anchoring bolts and other accessories that require immediate use.In basement, tunnels and sewers, to stopwater under pressure.

    Does not contract, or become weak due to itsexothermic reactions. It increases in volume. It’s a rapid setting, three to five minutes maybe controlled, ( either sped up or slowed down) by adding warm or cold water.The setting may even be instantaneous .It is the proper maintenance material for homes and industry.It is not toxic when it comes into contact with drinking water.Its mechanical properties are comparable to those of concrete and in some cases even superior.It sets underwater.It does not contain chlorides.Easy to use.

    How To Apply?

    It’s important to understand how to use this water plug cement product from Drizoro before applying it. It is vital to do all the steps correctly, or else the product won’t have the desired effect on your site.

    • Surface Preparation: Clean the surface from all the loose materials before putting this sealer. You have to wet the surface on which you will apply Drizoro Maxplug.
    • Mixing: Next comes the mixing of this cement-based mortar with water using a plastic or rubber container. Stop the blending at the three-minute mark. For everyone kg of this water plug cement, you must add 0.28 L of water into the mixture.
    • Application: Apply the Maxplug mixture with your hands or by using a trowel or a spatula. You can apply Maxplug at leaks in cracks and joints, concrete slabs, and wall or even expansion joints. We have given all the details on using water plug cement for these surfaces in the brochure.

    Your safety is important so make sure that you wear rubber gloves to protect your hands while applying this cement-based mortar.

    Consider These Cautions

    You must take into consideration a few very crucial things before and while applying this cement-based mortar at your site.

    • The Maxplug mortar will take 3-5 minutes to set when the temperature is anywhere in-between 18-20 º C.
    • Similarly, you must apply cold water when the temperature is high. In such warm weather conditions, the water plug cement sets very quickly and thus, you need to cool it down a bit.
    • You can store this product for 3 to 6 months in an unopened container.

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