Download MSDS Download Technical Brochure Learn More Maxrest – Structural Repair MAXREST is a one-component structural repair mortar, made of special cement, additives and selected aggregates, which provides a thixotropic product with quick-setting that does not shrink. It firmly adheres to the surface which it is applied on and restores concrete to its original condition.
Download MSDS Download Technical Brochure Learn More Maxpatch Restoration Mortar The product is made up of two components: a cement base with special aggregate and a liquid resin. These are mixed together to form an advanced mortar for repairs to floors, ramps, steps etc… It has strong adhesion, is resistant to abrasions and is non slip.
Download MSDS Download Technical Brochure Learn More Drizoro Maxrest Passive MAXREST®PASSIVE is a one-component liquid product, ready to use as an oxide converter and protection of re-enforcing bars and other steel and iron surfaces against corrosion. MAXREST®PASSIVE once applied Neutralizes the corrosion process, reacting quickly with the rust and transforms iron oxide into a stable passive layer giving full protection against corrosion, salts, acid and alkali attack.
Download MSDS Download Technical Brochure Learn More Maxgrout MAXGROUT is a one-component non-shrink mortar formulated from special cements and well-graded mineral products which provides high mechanical properties and fluidity. Contains no chlorides or metal particles. Our grout sealer comes in powder form, ready to use mixing only with water.
Download MSDS Download Technical Brochure Learn More Maxrite700 Restoration Mortar MAXRITE 700 is a single component, cement-based, microsilica and polymer-modified, fiber- reinforced restoration mortar with corrosion inhibitors. It is specially designed for high performance structural concrete repair exposed to an aggressive environmental ambient and provides an additional protection of the steel reinforcements. Its long open time and thixotropy allow the repair of new and old concrete in a simple way, without the need for using any form work, applied manually or by mechanical means.
Download MSDS Download Technical Brochure Learn More Watmat Levelling Mortar WATMAT is a quick setting mortar, factory mixed with special cements, silica and additives. It is ready for use for levelling newly constructed manholes and urgent repairs to factory floors.







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