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Download MSDS Download Technical Brochure Learn More Drizoro Maxquick Roll MAXQUICK ROLL is a polymer modified mortar, supplied in powder form. Once mixed with water, produces a decorative coating that is easily placed in a single layer with good waterproofing performance.
Download MSDS - A Download MSDS - B Download Technical Brochure Show Video Learn More Drizoro Maxseal Flex MAXSEAL FLEX is a two-component product. Component “A” is a water-based special acrylic resin and component “B”, is a mortar based mixture of special cements,additives and well-graded aggregates.Once applied and cured, MAXSEAL FLEX provides a non-toxic, flexible and waterproof coating with very high adhesion on those common substrates in construction-concrete,natural and artifical stone,traditional mortar plasters,bricks,concrete blocks,hebel etc.
Download MSDS Download Technical Brochure Learn More Drizoro Maxseal Flex M MAXSEAL® FLEX-M is a one-component cementbased mortar. Once mixed only with water, it provides a high-performance flexible coating, for waterproofing and protection of concrete against positive and negative pressure.
Download MSDS Download Technical Brochure Learn More Drizoro Maxseal Foundation MAXSEAL FOUNDATION is a cement based product which, with special additives and selected aggregates to provide total waterproofing protection to concrete, bricks and blocks due to its high resistance to aggressive waters Will seal against positive and negative water pressure.
Download MSDS Download Technical Brochure Show Video Learn More Drizoro Maxseal SUPER MAXSEAL ® SUPER is a special waterproofing coating made of a mixture of cements,carefully controlled aggregates and special organic and inorganic additives. Its special formula improves the osmotic effect of the application allowing the penetration in the concrete through its capillary system. The product crystallises inside sealing, waterproofing and protecting the concrete structure. It has been designed to be applied on fresh or cured concrete, pre-cast concrete, concrete blocks, cement plasters but also suitable on bricks and masonry.



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Stop Losing Your Most Precious Asset.

Water is not only a precious commodity but also a very destructive force and the cause of many problems in the building industry.

Whether it is a problem to retain water or to protect against water damage SWPPL has an extensive range of cement based products and the expertise to provide solutions to difficult problems.

It is VITAL to not only recognize the problem but to properly diagnose and have the suitable products to provide the solution. SWPPL based on years of experience and being able to draw on a multitude of technically superior materials can provide cost effective solutions to all waterproofing problems.

SWPPL provide the largest Range of technically superior DRIZORO cementicious waterproofing products in the market place.

SWPPL will always provide the right solution to any problem.

Manufactured to a high standard DRIZORO Products supplied by SWPPL will provide longer protection and are more cost effective than most others.


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