Product Data Roeburn Shire Pavron Recommendation Download MSDS Show Video Learn More Pavron SWEPCO Pavron is a smooth, black emulsion sealer designed to protect both old and new asphalt pavement from moisture and oxidation. Because it is made from a superior coal tar pitch emulsion, it also helps protect pavement from deterioration due to fuel, oil, solvent and chemical spillage.
Download MSDS Product Data Learn More Paving Sealer Heavy Duty Asphalt Paving Sealer is a premium quality, protective sealer designed to prolong the life of asphalt pavement and reduce overall maintenance costs. It is manufactured from SWEPCO TRI-MASTIC 49 Asphalt, SWEPCO’s highly effective bonding agent, Zonamine, and select waterproofing oils. It is ideal for providing dependable protection of parking lots, driveways, ramps, loading docks, paved warehouse floors, bicycle paths, walkways and many other paved asphalt surfaces.
Product Data Product Brochure Download MSDS Show Video Learn More Protection Old Bitumen MembranesProtection Old Bitumen Membranes SWEPCO Flex•Shield® Roof Coating is a superior mineral colloid asphalt emulsion roof coating, manufactured from premium quality waterproofing asphalt, High Strength Micro Fibers, a select grade of bentonite and other special chemical and mineral ingredients which insure a durable product. It is especially formulated to waterproof, protect and preserve both new roofs and properly prepared existing roofs. As a maintenance coating, it is compatible with smooth surface asphalt roofs; concrete and corrugated asbestos cement roofs; gravel, granule and other aggregate covered asphalt roofs; granular surfaced roll roofing roofs; and exposed metal roofs. It is used with other SWEPCO Roofing Products in a number of applications for both roof maintenance and new roofing.
Product Data Download MSDS Learn More Aluminum Roof Coating SWEPCO Aluminum Roof Coating is a semi-mastic asphalt, aluminum roof coating manufactured from two specially refined asphalts, “Heart of Texas” Asphalt and TRI-MASTIC 49 Asphalt, high quality aluminum pigments, and two highly effec-tive chemical additives, Zona-mine and ZHD-7. It is designed to produce an energy efficient aluminum surface that water-proofs, protects and preserves both old and new roof surfaces. It is used with a variety of other SWEPCO Roofing Products to provide complete roof protection. Consult the appropriate application literature or moreinformation.
Product Data Download MSDS Learn More Heavy Duty Roof Coating Heavy Duty Roof Coating is a black, liquid asphalt roof coating manufactured from specially refined “Heart of Texas” Asphalt, High Strength Micro Fibers, Dia Seal, Finely Milled Blue-Black Slate and two special chemical additives, Zonamine and ZHD-7. Applied straight from its container, Heavy Duty Roof Coating adds an extra layer of premium quality waterproofing asphalt to old roof surfaces and waterproofs new roof surfaces. It protects both from deterioration which would otherwise shortentheir lives.
Download MSDS Learn More Heavy Duty Patching Compound Heavy Duty Patching Compound is a thick, black, waterproofing compound manufactured from “Heart of Texas” Asphalt®, High Strength Micro Fibers, Dia-SealTM, finely milled blue-black slate and two highly effective chemical additives, ZHD-7 TM and ZonamineTM. It is used with other SWEPCO Roofing Products in a number of various applications to provide complete roof protection. Consult the appropriate application literature for more information. It is also used as a highly versatile adhesive, sealer and filler in general roof maintenance.



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