Water Stops
Download MSDS Download Technical Brochure Show Video Learn More Drizoro Maxplug MAXPLUG is a quick setting cement-based mortar that instantly stops running water from cracks, holes or other openings in concrete, masonry and other substrates. It is slightly expansive and does not shrink, starts hardening in few seconds and sets within three to five minutes depending on the temperature. Packed in grey powder form, it only requires water for mixing.
Download MSDS Download Technical Brochure Learn More Drizoro Maxgrip MAXGRIP is a mixture of cement and selected special additives and aggregates. A pourable, cement-base, non-shrinking, quick-setting hydraulic compound.



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Stop Losing Your Most Precious Asset.

Water is not only a precious commodity but also a very destructive force and the cause of many problems in the building industry.

Whether it is a problem to retain water or to protect against water damage SWPPL has an extensive range of cement based products and the expertise to provide solutions to difficult problems.

It is VITAL to not only recognize the problem but to properly diagnose and have the suitable products to provide the solution. SWPPL based on years of experience and being able to draw on a multitude of technically superior materials can provide cost effective solutions to all waterproofing problems.

SWPPL provide the largest Range of technically superior DRIZORO cementicious waterproofing products in the market place.

SWPPL will always provide the right solution to any problem.

Manufactured to a high standard DRIZORO Products supplied by SWPPL will provide longer protection and are more cost effective than most others.


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